In today’s market dynamics, producers must seize every opportunity to boost their margin per barrel. A disciplined approach to CapEx is critical for CFOs looking to navigate the OPEC standoff and decreased demand driven by the spread of COVID-19. Amid these market challenges, the rise of gas flares and the evolving regulatory landscape are shining a spotlight on another issue: emissions. Now is the time to take measures that reduce OpEx without increasing carbon emissions. Power generation is in a unique position to help operators solve both of these critical challenges.

Power generation is often overlooked as a vehicle for reducing production costs. However, the right power generation strategy can help oil and gas producers achieve quantifiable cost savings on many fronts: a lower kWh, more uptime and fewer emissions. In an increasingly crowded oilfield, choosing the best power generation provider is key to realizing these bottom-line benefits. If you’re ready to use power generation to boost your margin per barrel, start with these four criteria.

Power as a Service model

  • Gone are the days of shelling out CapEx to build power generation facilities that are a nightmare to maintain. Today’s margin-minded oil and gas companies are seeking out partners with a model that reflects the market realities. Enter Power as a Service. Through this innovative power generation model, companies can secure customized solutions without a dollar of CapEx. Seek out a power generation partner that has a track record for supplying power to world-class producers under a Power as a Service model and a Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (BOOM) contract

Power generation engineering expertise

  • It goes without saying that industrial power generation poses unique challenges. In the industrial landscape, few sectors have more robust power requirements than oil and gas. This makes engineering expertise a must. Engineering experience specific to oil and gas power generation will ensure your operations secure a solution that meets your complex requirements. It also opens the door to customized power generation solutions that teams with only generalized expertise could never deliver. Look for a power partner with a proven track record for engineering customized solutions–not ones that try to fit your operations into a mold that doesn’t reflect all the dynamics at play. Has that partner worked with global oil and gas companies? Even better. 

Fuel and technology agnostic approach

  • Along with engineering expertise, look for a power generation provider that is fuel and technology agnostic. This might not sound critical, but this flexibility allows your power partner to develop a customized solution that meets the needs of oil and gas drillingfrackingrefining and more. Seek out a power generation company that has the expertise to utilize the best fuel and best technologies–and a proven track record for doing so.

Turnkey power generation support and service

  • Turnkey support ensures that your power solution isn’t just engineered into the field, but also delivering reliable power that enables predictable production. As oil and gas companies continue to trim costs, it’s more critical than ever to secure a partner that handles power generation maintenance and operation. With an expert ensuring reliable power, you can focus on what you do best: keeping the oil, and profitability, flowing.

In today’s oil and gas landscape, costly power generation solutions are no longer viable. That’s why more operators than ever are embracing SoEnergy’s Power as a Service model. By partnering with SoEnergy, you can achieve a customized, turnkey power generation solution without a dollar of CapEx. The result? A lower cost per kWh, lower carbon emissions and reliable power that maximizes your productivity no matter whether your operations are upstream, midstream or downstream. You run your business. We power it. And there’s no CapEx required. 


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